Recruitment of distributors

The Pandroyty Project sells smartphone marketing solutions(LINP) using smartphones in Japan.

Stores can use this service to distribute coupons to GooglePay and AppleWallet customers via SNS and other media,You can promote your store or send push notifications to your customers. Also, customers do not need to download the app.

In Japan, we plan to build a network of distributors and contract with hundreds of distributors within a year.

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Official PDRY Token #Airdrop is on live!

Official PDRY Token #Airdrop is on live!
Get 500 PDRY Token!!

We perform air drop to commemorate the listing on the AMCzet Exchange.

complete simple tasks to receive your rewards!
Please participate.

PDRY Token to be Listed on AMCzet on June 26th 10:00 AM (UMT+9)

We are happy to announce that PDRY Token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchange AMCzet on June 26th 10:00 AM (UMT+9). You will be able to trade PDRY token via this link:

AMCzet is a Global Cryptographic Exchange.
Headquartered in Canada, AMCzet is a global international exchange and international crypto exchange for trading in certified cryptocurrency through rigorous listing and screening.

【AIRDROP for Shop owner】Use LINP passcoupon app and get 1,000 PDRY!

General Information

Pandroyty team is celebrating its LINP passcoupon app release and Airdrop its users.
To participate, make sure you meet the eligible criteria and use Google form to submit your data to get 1,000 PDRY tokens.

This promotional campaign is valid until 3/03/2019. The tokens will be distributed 10 days after this date.

Eligible Criteria: follow the instruction

1. Follow PDRY Telegram( and submit your telegram nickname in Googleform below

2. Follow PDRY Twitter( and submit your twitter nickname in Googleform below

3. Like any post in PDRY Twitter

4. Make retweet (This tweet)

5. Submit your details to Google form;

6. We will inform you of login information of LINP app.

7. Please look at the document and make your app settings.

8. Please tweet the coupon you made with LINP app from your twitter account.


Important: the distribution will be based on whether you eligibility criteria on the day of airdrop end. The snapshot will be taken on this day at 00:00 pm (UTC+9). Tokens will be sent to the participants within 10 days after the end of the campaign. Non-US citizens only. Airdrop amount is 1,000 PDRY per user. Tokens will be sent to the address of the ERC 20 wallet you applied with Googleform.

This LINP passcoupon service will be charged a month later. If you want to continue using, please pay the usage fee.

PDRY is being listed on LATOKEN.

PDRY is being listed on LATOKEN.Deposits are already open!
Follow the link to deposit:

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:
●$50+ million daily turnover
●120,000+ registered traders
●250+ crypto pairs available for trading
Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.

MTFS Limited announced that the IEO of MTFS Limited’s own cryptocurrency PDRY would be proceeded in LATOKEN

On December 17, MTFS Limited announced that the IEO of MTFS Limited’s own cryptocurrency PDRY would be proceeded in LATOKEN, the world’s 30th largest global exchange.

MTFS Limited was already confirmed to be listed on PDRY token at the end of the IEO in LATOKEN, a reliable global exchange.

IEO is a collaborative effort between reliable and potential blockchain companies, as many exchanges are carefully screening and conducting projects to secure global users. In this respect, IEO is a win-win strategy between exchanges and corporations, and can be said to play a role in the development of blockchain industry.

Meanwhile, LATOKEN is a growing global European exchange. The daily trading volume amounts to about $50+ million, and it is maintaining the top 30 transactions, which correspond to the criteria for medium and large cryptocurrency exchanges, based on the CoinMarketCap, the world’s largest cryptocurrency information site. LATOKEN is also more and more recognized on the global exchange.

Therefore, MTFS Limited is expected to be able to acquire many domestic and international users around the world by proceeding IEO and various air drop events of PDRY coin through LATOKEN.

MTFS Limited Begins Loyalty Program Combining Points and Cryptocurrency Focused on Southeast Asia

Global online and offline marketing company MTFS Limited (Hong Kong) will begin the [LINP] service, which combines influencer marketing, affiliates, and point programs with cryptocurrency and the blockchain, in December of 2018.

[LINP: Loyalty+Influencer+New customer+Pandroyty token]

Background of Service

Currently, in Japan for example, there is a flood of services that offer points, and depending on the store several point services might be used, leading to more and more cases where customers need to decide between point services. One reason for this situation is the thought that store specific point services, while keeping existing customers in an enclosed setting, do not lead toward bringing new customers into a store. With this in mind, our company has developed a point program that incorporates user social media activity, point incentives that encourage using new stores, and a strengthened ability to refer customers to stores. By enabling interaction with other point services, as well as the ability to  exchange points for other products, we have created a global shared point service that transcends borders. The points can also be exchanged for cryptocurrency (※1), we have eliminated expiration dates and other issues that cause customers’ hard earned points to become unusable, and the service will include activities to spread awareness regarding cryptocurrency investment.


Development Focused on Southeast Asia

Our company has already had negotiations with a variety of businesses and services across multiple countries, and we are partnering with more and more companies in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, and other Asian regions. The nations in Southeast Asia love communication and are particularly big users of social media, with the number of smartphone users reaching 5.4 hundred million in 2017, and predicted to surpass 7 hundred million by 2030 (※2). This makes the area ready for increasing large scale advertisement and O2O services, and our goal is to secure a definite presence before other companies.


Future Plans

The first release phase of this service will be a coupon distribution service utilizing the Apple Wallet and Google Pay apps. We will have mechanisms in place so that the entities posting the coupons can understand their effectiveness. In the future we will release an app targeted toward users, and we will further expand with the [LINP] service. In addition, we are focused on developing advanced marketing automation implementations, coordination with account settlement services, sales promotion systems for unmanned stores, and more via AI (Artificial Intelligence) based on usage data from users. For this reason we are proactively pursuing partnerships and coordinating with advertising agencies, sales promotion businesses, point coupon businesses, cryptocurrency traders, and others across all regions of Asia, including Japan.


※1:While adhering to the laws of each nation, we plan to provide this service as the situation dictates

※2:Based on research by our company

The content of this press release includes future plans, and due to various factors it is possible that the start of the service could be delayed.

※Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.

※Apple Pay is  a trademark of Apple Inc.

MTFS Limited:



Please direct any questions or comments (can be in Japanese) regarding this press release to:





AMC BLUE, Pandroyty, Max VR, Signed a three way contract

AMC BLUE(CEO Davide Kim), Intergrated platform company utilzing blockchain techonology, has signed a three way contract with Pandroyty(CEO Miura, Keiji Tokairin) which is On·Offline marketing company and Max VR(CEO Park Bumjin), which is 3D VR(Virtual reality) contents service company on October 18th.

The agreement includes sharing technologies related to blockchain and AI, utilizing loyalty program services, marketing online and offline mileage and contents collaboration etc.

Pandroyty is a company that specializes in next-generation online and offline marketing located in Japan. Recent blockchain-based loyalty programs, including automatic promotion by AI, have created a huge sensation for users.

Max VR is a 3D virtual reality contents service company based in Malaysia. It is known to be a globally recognized company for developing services that enhance scalability by combining blockchain technology with VR contents.

Through this agreement, AMC BLUE is planning to promote online and offline marketing and expand contents along with improving its technical skills.

AMC Group Chairman Jason Kang said, “We are delighted to conclude such a business agreement with companies with creative contents, and I hope this agreement will contribute to the development of all three companies.”, “including Japan and Malaysia, We look forward to having a positive impact on AMC BLUE’s Asian market. ”

Meanwhile, according to AMC BLUE official, They also shared ideas on the utilization of Bluestar which is a global P2P financial platform project, which has signed a strategic alliance with AMC on the 15th of the convention with regard to the loyalty program that Pandroyty serves.


AMC BLUE, Pandroyty·Max VR, Signed a three way contract

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