AMC BLUE, Pandroyty, Max VR, Signed a three way contract

AMC BLUE(CEO Davide Kim), Intergrated platform company utilzing blockchain techonology, has signed a three way contract with Pandroyty(CEO Miura, Keiji Tokairin) which is On·Offline marketing company and Max VR(CEO Park Bumjin), which is 3D VR(Virtual reality) contents service company on October 18th.

The agreement includes sharing technologies related to blockchain and AI, utilizing loyalty program services, marketing online and offline mileage and contents collaboration etc.

Pandroyty is a company that specializes in next-generation online and offline marketing located in Japan. Recent blockchain-based loyalty programs, including automatic promotion by AI, have created a huge sensation for users.

Max VR is a 3D virtual reality contents service company based in Malaysia. It is known to be a globally recognized company for developing services that enhance scalability by combining blockchain technology with VR contents.

Through this agreement, AMC BLUE is planning to promote online and offline marketing and expand contents along with improving its technical skills.

AMC Group Chairman Jason Kang said, “We are delighted to conclude such a business agreement with companies with creative contents, and I hope this agreement will contribute to the development of all three companies.”, “including Japan and Malaysia, We look forward to having a positive impact on AMC BLUE’s Asian market. ”

Meanwhile, according to AMC BLUE official, They also shared ideas on the utilization of Bluestar which is a global P2P financial platform project, which has signed a strategic alliance with AMC on the 15th of the convention with regard to the loyalty program that Pandroyty serves.


AMC BLUE, Pandroyty·Max VR, Signed a three way contract

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