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What is PDRY token?

“Pandroyty Token(PDRY) is considered to solve the problem of current customer loyalty program. Currently, as a loyalty program, there are several types of points(loyalty program) issued from stores.

For example, there are original points(loyalty program) that can only be used at individual shops and common points where cross industry can use multiple industries, the situation is complicated.

The problem at the customer is that customers can only use the points accumulated by each loyalty program at each shop, and the points received at times can miss the opportunity and expire.

The problem with the store is that the store can issue points and enclose the customer, but with the loyalty program as it is, it will be difficult to acquire new customers.

We will develop solutions by combining Blockchain technology and ideas to solve these problems and to enable both customers and businesses to enjoy efficient services.

Blockchain Management
Online and Offline Marketing
Loyalty rewards

Fraud prevention
Automatic promotion proposal by AI
Drive new customers to stores





The service area to be connected to the following three areas.

– Loyalty program based on smartphone application (multipoint service)

– Influencer marketing

– Affiliate Program (Online and Offline)

In the above areas, advertisers and customers can use stress-free solution.

We can connect them with a new thinking and develop solutions with our own strategy

To be a smart tool for consumers and stores

The ultimate goal of PDRY is to become like blood that connects consumers’ stores. It is not complicated.

Store and consumer access all necessary services from a single platform. Blockchain technology will provide opportunities to resolve traditional concerns, grow finance faster and improve revenue.

With access to the Internet and the spread of smartphones, it has become easier to acquire and maintain customers around the world. The store provides information to the customer when necessary, the customer looks at the store information, and the customer performs a good shopping experience.

$795.3 billion

Global Smartphone Market (2020 to 2027)



$7.85 billion

Mobile marketing market size worldwide from 2020 to 2030

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About Our Tokens

Symbol: PandroytyToken (PDRY)
Decimals: 18
Project protocol: ERC20